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Hugh Jackman's wife wanted him to dress like David Beckham

Hugh Jackman's confidence was knocked when his son pointed out he had grey facial hair when playing pirate Blackbeard in Pan.

(Cover) - EN Showbiz - Hugh Jackman's wife tried to make him wear a sarong after seeing David Beckham in one.

The Australian actor is currently promoting his latest movie Pan, a prequel which explains how Peter Pan became the boy who never grew up.

For his role of Blackbeard, Hugh rocks rugged pirate attire. He's already revealed his wife Deborra-Lee Furness was won over by the leather ensembles, but it isn't just bad guy get-up she likes.

"Remember when David Beckham was wearing saris? Like skirts, sarong?" Hugh told BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show host Nick Grimshaw, referring to an outfit the soccer star wore in 1998. "Deb was like, 'I love that!' I said, 'Deb I don't know if it's gonna work on me,' and she was like, 'No, no, I'm going to buy you some.' I said, 'Please don't.' And my costume is a little out there, and there's also a little bit of a skirt involved in there. My wife just found it sexy, which was great for me! Not the bald head, she wasn't a big (fan) of that."

Hugh also boasts a black moustache and beard for the role, in fitting with the character's name. His menacing alter ego didn't impress everyone though, as his and Deborra's adopted son Oscar found it amusing. The couple are also parents to adopted daughter Ava.

"That was my own (beard and moustache), however, the colour might have been enhanced a little because as I went off to work my 15-year-old boy did say, 'Dad, I know you're playing Blackbeard but its' more like black and white beard really.' Nice confidence builder!" Hugh laughed.

Hugh has become quite the gym buff over the years, exercising in his spare time. At 21 he worked at a gym and witnessed people arriving before the doors opened hoping to get in early - something which has stayed with him since.

"So twice, in my third week, I slept in and I got there at 20 past six (in the morning). The first time they stare back at you, the second time I thought I was going to get lynched. I've never, ever slept in since then," he quipped.

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