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Hugh Laurie discusses House finale

Hugh Laurie insists House fans won't judge the show on how they "execute the last 30 seconds".

The British actor has starred as Dr Gregory House in the hit TV series since 2004. The show is finishing after eight seasons and Hugh hasn't thought too much into its ending. In the final episode, House evaluates his life while treating a fellow drug addict.

The 52-year-old star thinks audiences will be just as retrospective about the show as a whole.

"I don't think one judges an entire eight years based on how we execute the last 30 seconds. The eight years we've done will be the eight years we've done whether or not people are disappointed or satisfied by the last episode," he told ET Online.

"House makes the point himself that he would be doing a great disservice to his patients if he pain. The physical pain he endures was a greater obstacle to the practice of his art than the drugs he took. That's a simple enough argument and it's one that I accepted."

Hugh still takes interest in the Fox show's subject matter. He has the greatest respect for real-life doctors.

"I still think of the essential medical mystery that's at the core of all these stories... [as] immensely satisfying," he explained. "The hope that there are people who can explain the a very comforting, satisfying one and I still delight in that."

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