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Hugh Laurie: I'm hilarious!

Actor Hugh Laurie can only watch the films and series he made at least 10 years ago.

House M.D. star Hugh Laurie enjoys laughing at himself.

The British actor became known and loved for portraying grouch Dr Gregory House in the popular TV series for an incredible eight seasons, until the show's end in 2012. His sarcastic one-liners often had viewers in stitches and Hugh is also happy to laugh at his own expense - as long as it's off screen.

"I am glad that I can laugh loudly and often at myself," he grinned to Germany's TV Direkt magazine. "But I do hate watching myself in films and shows. I can only watch stuff I made at least 10 years ago - and even then it makes me shudder!"

While Hugh might not enjoy playing back old House M.D. episodes, he does often think back to his time on the series. Sometimes it's hard not to get nostalgic when he reminisces.

"I miss my colleagues and miss playing that role," he sighed. "But House will never truly leave me. Even now he sometimes surprises me when I'm walking down the street. And I have a little giggle to myself if I suddenly remember one of his lines."

In general, the star is a very happy person. He finds that most things tickle him, although he's not sure it always goes down well.

"Pretty much everything makes me laugh," he admitted. "I'm not sure that's a good thing, as it can land you in plenty of trouble!"

House M.D. might be over, but Hugh is keeping himself busy with plenty of other projects. Among them are upcoming TV show The Night Manager and series Veep. He also had a part in George Clooney movie Tomorrowland.

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