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Hulk Hogan recalls shirt humiliation

Hulk Hogan once ended up looking like a “cartoon character” when his trademark shirt rip went wrong.

The professional wrestler is known for his huge muscles and impressive tricks in the ring.

As a trademark way of showing off his strength the sportsman uses his bare hands to rip his shirt clean off his body.

However, it doesn’t always go to plan.

“I was in a steel cage match with Big John Studd in St Louis. I got ready to go to the ring and realised I didn’t have a T-shirt. I said, ‘Somebody go out there and get me a shirt! Tell the fan I’ll pay them for it, I’ll meet them and take them out for dinner – I need a Hulkmania shirt,’” he recalled to Sport magazine.

“But the person came back with a Hulkmania sweatshirt. So, I climbed into the steel cage and, as I pulled it, my arms went as wide as they could go, but the sweatshirt didn’t really rip – it just kept on stretching.”

As Hulk struggled with his shirt, he saw Big John approaching him. His luck didn’t show any sign of changing, as things continued to go wrong.

“I drop the sweatshirt to try to get away and it wrapped around my feet and I tripped and stumbled. I couldn’t get it off my feet. It wrapped around my legs like I was in a cartoon,” he laughed.

Professional wrestling is often thought of as fake, because the matches are predetermined.

The 59-year-old gets very frustrated with people who don’t see it as a real sport.

“They don’t understand that these are great athletes – they get hurt all the time,” he explained.

“After a couple of knee replacements, a couple of hip replacements and eight back surgeries, I wish it was all fake.”

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