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Hulk Hogan wants to wrestle Gawker founder Nick Denton

Former WrestleMania star Hulk Hogan has opened up about his leaked sex tape.

Former WrestleMania star Hulk Hogan, 62, wanted to take Nick Denton to the mat during his sex tape lawsuit.

Hogan was speaking during an interview with ABC's Good Morning America (22Mar16), after being awarded $140 million (£98.9 million) in damages after he successfully sued website Gawker for publishing an excerpt from the sex tape without his permission in 2012."If this was WrestleMania, he was in the ring with me, it was just me and him, wouldn't it be fun?", Hulk tells the daytime morning show.

Recalling the moment he came face to face with Nick in the men's bathroom he says, "My first thought was, 'What if he just falls down and holds his neck or something?' Who are they going to believe?".

The risque tape saw Hogan, real name Terry Bollea, having sex with his friend's wife Heather Cole in 2007, which the star objected to being published citing "invasion of privacy" and "economic injuries".

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) axed Hogan, one of their best known personalities, from the WrestleMania arena after a transcript of the tape revealed alleged racist comments about his daughter Brooke, 27, dating a black man.

The jury awarded the muscle man $115 million (£81 million) of compensation, plus $25 million (£17.6 million) in punitive damages, which if upheld could cause the news site to fold.

"I knew we were doing what was right," said the Hulk with emotion in his eyes. "Even if we would have lost, it would have been good because everybody would have known what Gawker was all about, because I exposed them. And what they do, and how they look at the world - which to me, is very, very scary," he adds.

Gawker intends to appeal the decision. On Tuesday Nick wrote an essay titled The Hogan Verdict on the Gawker website (22Mar16) claiming it was an "extraordinary" payout for something that would have otherwise been "quickly forgotten."

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