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Huntington-Whiteley and Statham ‘on break’

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is reportedly upset her longtime boyfriend Jason Statham hasn’t proposed marriage.

The 26-year-old fashion model has been dating the 45-year-old action star since April 2010.

Despite recent rumours he was soon to pop the question, the couple are now “taking a time out”, according to MailOnline.

“A source close to the couple has now claimed their incessant rowing and the 19-year-age gap between them has led to them temporarily separating in the hope of salvaging their now fragile three-year-relationship,” the outlet claims.

Rumours the couple were on the rocks surfaced in June after Jason was seen “wining and dining” several women at a Manhattan bar, according to the website.

The couple were last pictured together on August 17 holding hands.

Reports Jason was planning to ask Rosie to marry him followed and were swiftly denied.

Insiders suggest Rosie is growing impatient and it’s causing tension in the relationship.

Rosie meanwhile appears to be enjoying a girls’ getaway in Ibiza. The model shared snaps of her trip on social networks over the weekend and was pictured smiling aboard a yacht with her pals.

According to a source, the pair are enjoying time apart with the hope of working things out.

“Things have not been good, there have been lots of arguments and they both need some space. They are taking some time out from each other. Bear in mind there’s an almost 20 year age gap between them – they are going to run into some issues,” a purported insider said.

Rosie recently gushed to Elle magazine UK about her relationship with the movie star, admitting she finds her relationship grounding.

“Many models are in long term relationships for stability. Admittedly, not always with great men, but it gives them something to come home to, something grounding,” she explains in the October issue.

“That’s how I see my relationship. Well, I see it in many ways but of the most beautiful things is that I feel at home wherever I am in the world because of him.

“You’ve got someone special to go back to when the s**t hits the fan.”

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