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Wednesday 16 April 2014

Hurley son 'likes showbusiness'

Elizabeth Hurley during a launch event for's latest character

Actress Liz Hurley said she would "never discourage" her son from following her footsteps into the limelight after the youngster revealed an ambition to work in showbusiness.

The 48-year-old model said her son Damian, 11, had shown a keen interest in acting and film-making as he joined his mother on set for her latest role.

The Austin Powers star donned a black leather catsuit to play a spy in a new advertising campaign for, opposite the website's famous meerkats.

Speaking at a launch event at The Troxy theatre in east London, Hurley said: "It makes a big difference when your kids like what you do. I'm very lucky because he loves movies, he loves the theatre, he loves reading, he kind of likes what I like. If he only liked rugby and cricket it would be tougher but as it happens we both enjoy the same things.

"There was a part of me that would have preferred him to want to study law or something but the fact is he doesn't. I think he likes showbusiness. I'd never discourage him from anything. It's totally up to him what he does with his life. It's true that most people don't encourage their children to do exactly what they did, but he loves it."

The mother-of-one, who previously starred as spy Vanessa Kensington in the Austin Powers films, poses with an Aston Martin and is suspended in mid-air in the style of Mission Impossible for the advertising campaign. But Hurley admitted the chances of showing off her spy skills opposite Daniel Craig in the next James Bond film were slim.

"I'm not sure I've got much of a future as a Bond girl but I've always thought they were fabulous," she said. "Every James Bond film I've seen I've by far and away preferred the girls' parts."

Hurley, who is engaged to Australian cricketer Shane Warne, also praised her fiance's former teammate Shane Watson for his 176 run score in the final Ashes test at the Oval.

She said: "We call him SW2 because they were both in the same team, two SWs, two big blondes, so SW2 did well."

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