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Hutcherson: Hunger Games feels real

Josh Hutcherson thinks The Hunger Games franchise really captures what it's like to be "young and confused".

The actor stars in the popular franchise alongside Liam Hemsworth and Jennifer Lawrence and is currently promoting the second instalment, Catching Fire.

Josh, Liam and Jennifer’s characters are stuck in a complex love triangle in the adventure films, which is something the 21-year-old can identify with.

"I think that's good, that's what they were going for," he told Australian radio host Jackie O, when she commented audiences find it hard to know which couple to root for.

"It's a very real portrayal of real life, when you're young and confused about different people. It's a very real relationship. I'm not sure who the audience is supposed to feel behind; it's open to their interpretation."

In the past, Josh has enjoyed a relationship with former Disney star Vanessa Hudgens, 24, but he's currently thought to be single.

He recently told Out Magazine he wouldn't rule out dating men and doesn't feel embarrassed by the speculation over his sexuality this comment caused.

"The question of sexuality is so complicated and for me to shed any kind of light on that world for someone who doesn't feel very secure... I feel very secure, so I feel I can open up a conversation," he explained.

"It's still, 'Woah, we can't talk about that,' but I think it's nice to open up a conversation. I don't feel weird about people speculating; I feel comfortable with who I am."

In The Hunger Games, Josh shares a kiss with his 23-year-old co-star Jennifer.

He recently claimed it felt "incestuous" and the star is reluctant to give her an official mark out of ten due to the ribbing he'd receive.

"Oh man, I feel like any rating I give her, she'll give me c**p for it!" he laughed.

"If I rate her too high or too low, she'll be like, 'What are you doing?!' It's a trick question, so I'll give her a five!"

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