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Ian McKellen: I make my own accents

Sir Ian McKellen thinks Laura Linney got her accent spot on in Mr. Holmes.

The British actor, whose roles in the X-Men, Lord of the Rings and Hobbit franchises have won him legions of new fans, is currently impressing in the part of Sherlock Holmes.

American actress Laura Linney, who stars as housekeeper Mrs. Munro in Mr. Holmes, worked hard to get her British accent right, and Ian thinks she nailed it.

"I never knew where [Mrs. Munro] came from; I only knew she came from somewhere absolutely real and believable. And it says a lot about accents, because accents are not, you know... everyone from Liverpool does not speak with a Liverpool accent or a specific accent, it's a variation, it's personal. And that's the most difficult thing about doing a foreign accent, is not to start copying somebody who has the accent," he mused to Cover Media.

Laura, who has been nominated for an Oscar three times, turned to the county of Sussex in South East England for inspiration.

The 51-year-old did get some help with her vocal work, as she didn't want to mess it up.

"It took a little while to decide which accent they wanted, so I sort of did a pupu platter of accents and we landed upon Sussex," Laura smiled.

"And Helen Ashton was a fantastic coach. You work really hard, and just pray that you're not going to disrupt the balance."

Mr. Holmes tells the story of an ageing Sherlock grappling with an unsolved case and lost love.

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