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Ian Ziering: Sharknado movies rocked!

Ian Ziering has thanked his wife for making him appear in Sharknado.

The actor appears in the cult TV movie about a horde of sharks swept on to land by a natural disaster. It may be a ridiculous premise, but the horror comedy proved so popular that a sequel hit small screens this year.

"It's not every day you're standing on top of a fire truck in the middle of Manhattan, waving a 20kg, 1.5m-long chainsaw around in the air and shouting, 'Let's kill some sharks!'" he laughed to German channel Tele 5 about the feature.

Prior to Sharknado, Ian was largely known for portraying Steve Sanders in popular TV show Beverly Hills, 90210. The show wrapped in 2000, but he's kept up a steady stream of work ever since.

In fact, the 50-year-old has his wife Erin Kristine Ludwig and their two kids to thank for accepting the part in Sharknado.

"My wife was standing there, with our daughter Mia in one arm and Penna Mae still in her stomach, and said, 'You have to work because we have to pay our health insurance,'" he recalled.

"She never misses an opportunity to remind me that I only did Sharknado because of her. Thanks, Erin!"

The film has fans the world over, but Ian never anticipated it would take off the way it did. To keep his many followers amused, he took to Twitter while watching the premiere of the second instalment.

"I tweeted live, posted behind-the-scenes pictures and chatted to people all over the world," he gushed. "I was a part of this experience while lying at home on the sofa. It was incredible."

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