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Idina Menzel: I should have grabbed Jackman

Idina Menzel was surprised when Hugh Jackman decided to sit on her lap at the Tony Awards, but enjoyed the moment.

The Broadway superstar got the unexpected pleasure of Hugh using her as a seat during the 2014 Tony Awards, which he hosted earlier this month.

The Australian hunk made 43-year-old Idina's evening with the gesture, but her mother had to endure calls from friends who thought she should have taken advantage of the situation.

“It was unexpected, yeah," Idina laughed to Access Hollywood. “It was a nice unexpected moment, a welcomed unexpected moment.

"And then my mom has all of these friends calling her saying, ‘Why didn’t she, you know, grab onto him a little bit more if he was sitting on her lap?’ But, you know, it was a little intimidating.”

During the awards ceremony, which saw Bryan Cranston bag the prize for best actor in a play, Idina performed her Oscar-winning song Let It Go from hit movie Frozen.

When she was handed the golden statue in March, John Travolta famously mispronounced her name. In tribute to that awkward moment, her Frozen co-star Jonathan Groff mocked the gaff.

“I wanted to get into my game mode for the song, the song’s very emotional to me, but that was also cool. So I was able to hear Jonathan say that, have a laugh, and then take a moment and focus," she smiled.

Frozen has now smashed records to become the highest grossing animated film of all time. Idina also voiced lead character Elsa and says the thrills on screen have overflowed into real life.

“It’s been a magical experience for me and it just keeps on going, keeps on giving,” she gushed.

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