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Idris Elba: I need pee-friendly costumes

Idris Elba finds it annoying when he gets a cool outfit without a fastening to easily urinate.

In his latest movie Pacific Rim, the star portrays Stacker Pentecost. He is seen in an impressive black body armour suit and helmet, but has joked such costumes don't come without their problems.

The star joked that he may draw up a written agreement where he will only work if his attire is toilet-friendly.

"They design the costumes but forget to put in pee-pee flaps, it's very annoying,” he admitted to BBC Radio 1. “Here I am trying to save the world and I've got to spend 20 minutes getting out of the costume.

“Pee flaps in my contract, or else I'm not showing up."

On the subject of great costumes, Idris admitted that the latest Superman looks perfect.

However, after it was claimed that the Man of Steel actor wasn't too fun during a previous interview, he confessed handsome looks can sometimes mean a person lacks elsewhere.

"Henry Cavill; is he boring?” he asked. “We can't have it all! He looks like he was sculpted by the lords but just with no personality. No, I've never met him!"

The 40-year-old was determined to be in the best possible shape when shooting Pacific Rim, which is about an alien invasion on earth.

The hunk’s tip for looking the part in a big action motion picture is to focus as much on the facial expressions as well as having a body on top form.

"It's all up front [with] me too, with some chin action," he revealed about his best screen angle. "It's tough going back to the gym... I can do five pull ups off the back.

"[My acting tip is to] make your eyes smaller, it makes you look cooler - especially when walking away from explosions."

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