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Idris Elba: Luther felt incomplete until now

Idris Elba claims the fourth season of his hit TV show Luther highlights "the birth of the next chapter" in his character’s life.

Actor Idris Elba credits "a loyal and demanding audience" with making it clear his television show Luther's storyline needed to evolve further.

The 43 year old portrays the titular role of Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) John Luther in the BBC series, which has had three seasons and aired 14 episodes since its debut in 2010.

The programme, written and created by Neil Cross, has been intermittent over the years, showing six episodes in season one, four in 2011's season two and another four during season three in 2013.

Season four of Luther is a two-part special set to air in December (15) and Idris revealed returning to the crime thriller was a no-brainer for himself and author Neil because the fans demanded it.

"We've got a loyal and demanding audience, and the audience, Neil and I were not satisfied with the ending of the last one," Idris told UK newspaper The Mirror. "It felt like there were unanswered questions and we needed to conclude some stuff, maybe close down a chapter to open a new chapter and keep the story growing."

Although Idris chose not to divulge too much about season four during the interview, he did highlight a few juicy tidbits about where his character Luther is headed.

"We've evolved, the whole show seems to have grown a bit," he explained. "There's some progression in Luther's life. That version of Luther had to go and stop - and now this version of Luther, who is slightly older and a little bit more smarter and wiser, this begins the birth of the next chapter."

Idris would love to star in a film adaptation of Luther sometime in the future, but he admits it'll take a lot of effort to launch such a thing.

He is convinced the production of a big screen version of Luther would bring him to his edge and even an additional season of shooting for the TV show might prove too taxing for the star.

"In our heads, this was the film - it's two hours and it's a pilot for the film," he said of season four, noting his method of getting into character on set is intense.

"I tend to do Luther when I'm most tired. I throw all my pent-up emotions and stuff into the character.

"It would be tough to sustain that kind of angst without something giving. There is no reason why we could not do another six-parter - but it would be the end of me."

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