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Idris Elba: Luther helped make TV cool

Actor Idris Elba thinks it's "cool" to work in film and TV at the same time.

British star Idris Elba thinks he's one of the actors that made TV "cool".

Hollywood stars are happy to make time for the small screen these days, with Kevin Spacey leading the way in House of Cards and Matthew McConaughey impressing in True Detective. Idris is famed for starring in cult US TV show The Wire and now appears in popular UK detective drama Luther, and he believes he helped change the stigma around television.

"I actually love doing television," the star smiled to Empire magazine. "I think I'm probably one of the first actors that was part of this wave where being on TV and on film at the same time was cool. For me, it feels even cooler to go off and do big films, then come back and knock the socks out of a really good TV drama."

Luther will return to the BBC for fourth series this year (15) and fans can't contain their excitement. The cop is known for doing things his own way and it's this creative interpretation of the law that attracted Idris to the project in the first place.

"Luther is a good guy, but at the same time he doesn't mind going after a criminal in a way outside of what he's supposed to be doing as a detective," he said. "I just love that concept that he's as bad as the bad guys, but working on the good side."

Despite his love of TV, Idris is also happy to work on silver-screen productions. He stunned as Nelson Mandela in 2013's Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom and voices panther Shere Khan in the upcoming live-action remake of Disney's The Jungle Book. Whatever the project, Idris just wants to make a difference.

“If my legacy was anything, it’s that I’ve had a varied career and I’ve challenged myself and challenged my audience to come with me. So if anything, that’s what I’d like my legacy to be. Moving forward, I’d like anything that pushes and challenges me further," he told TV show Good Morning Britain.

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