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Idris Elba proud of female partygoers

Idris Elba has revealed the "juvenile" reason why he made girls take off their shoes at his parties.

The handsome actor is known for roles in TV shows The Wire and Luther and was even rumoured to be the next James Bond.

When he first landed his gig as Detective Chief Inspector John Luther in 2011, the star liked to party hard with as many women as possible.

"I used to live at this house... on a street called Wallace and it was number seven and it had four storeys and every day that I was shooting the first season of Luther we would have parties in there," he reminisced to

"Ladies used to come in - lots of ladies - but I used to make them leave their shoes at the front door just 'cause then me and my mates would count how many shoes were in the hallway. I know I was really juvenile, but that's what we did."

The 40-year-old is currently single, but has daughter Isan with his ex-wife Kim.

When he does enjoy the odd night out, he makes sure to have his favourite tipple.

"I like my gin with a little bit of cranberry, a little bit of tonic and loads of lime. Squeezed in, stirred a little bit and served with lots of ice," he smiled.

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