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Iggy Pop: Be careful with drugs

Iggy Pop says that when David Bowie wants something he always gets it.

The 67-year-old rocker was known for his hell raiser ways during his heyday and used to be a heavy drug user, even checking into a mental institution during the 70s.

However even though he used to have a penchant for narcotics, he didn't always say yes when offered.

"You can have too many drugs," Iggy told Q magazine. "I once went to a dance music gig in Miami. It's 3am and this French chick comes up to me, 'Allo Eeggy Pop!' She opens her jacket and she had her drugs arranged around in the lining like a tool kit! She had everything - joints, MDMA, powdered drugs, liquid. She was like, 'This is great, I've met Eeggy Pop! At a rave! This is the perfect place!' I didn't hang around. You have to be careful..."

Iggy rose to fame with his band The Stooges in the 60s, with the group still playing gigs today despite various break ups.

He's always been close to fellow singer David Bowie, with David supporting Iggy through his drug troubles. Despite their friendship, Iggy thinks his pal was more than just a little inspired by him.

"What David Bowie wants, David Bowie gets. When he was creating Ziggy Stardust, I wouldn't say David took much of my character, but elements were probably helpful in creating some of the song content: Moonage Daydream, Rock'N'Roll Suicide. The main thing would be to use the rhyming name. It's very near [my name]. It's cuter!" he smiled.

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