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Imbruglia: Motherhood is members’ club

Natalie Imbruglia thinks ageism in Hollywood is “disgusting”.

The Australian singer-and-actress was married to Silverchair musician Daniel Johns for five years before they announced their divorce in 2008.

The former couple did not have kids together, but Natalie’s still open to becoming a mother one day.

"I definitely want children. Would I have one on my own? I would. I am not at that point yet but I am not opposed to the idea. I’ve got time,” she revealed in the July issue of the UK’s Red magazine.

"It’s a bit tricky that a lot of my friends are on to their third child... that is tough because we all know it’s like a members’ club."

Natalie turned 40 years old on February 4 and she is elated to be in her forties.

The Torn star finds age discrimination appalling and she claims the practice is rampant in the entertainment industry.

"I wanted people to know I am really proud to be 40. You know, when you are in Hollywood and you say your age they shush you? I think that’s disgusting,” she noted.

"I’m fine [about the ageing thing] at the moment. Ask me in five years, I might be having a meltdown."

Natalie has been romantically linked to Robbie Williams, Harry Styles and Prince Harry in the past, but during the chat she denied dating any of these men.

However, the entertainer did confess to enjoying quite a fun romance with Friends actor David Schwimmer.

"Yes, that was a happy relationship,” she noted.

But Natalie denied ever going out with Coldplay singer Chris Martin.

"We are mates and I haven't seen him in ages,” she said.

Natalie will be releasing her new album Male, her first in six years, in the United States and Canada on July 28. Her fifth studio record hits international shelves August 21.

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