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Irina Shayk: Men won't give me ultimatums

Irina Shayk thinks respect is the most important thing in a relationship.

Irina Shayk has no idea what she'd do if a partner demanded she chose between them and work as she'd never be with someone like that.

The Russian model-and-actress is currently dating Hollywood hunk Bradley Cooper and she previously enjoyed a long-term romance with soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo. Although she doesn't talk about her love life in any detail, Irina is clear about what she expects from the man in her life.

"I don't think a partner of mine would ask me to do that," she told Britain's Hello! of having to pick between love and career. "Mutual respect is very important in a relationship and since my work is part of my life, he would have to respect it."

The star is a firm believer in love at first sight, although she didn't say if, or when, it has happened to her. She did discuss her views on long-term relationships though.

"I believe women should be independent and have their own life," the 29-year-old model said. "But I also think that when a couple decides to have a family, things change because you need to live in unison.

"Of course I want to have a family, but there's a right time for everything. When my time comes, it will happen."

As well as working for the likes of Sports Illustrated, Irina has dipped her toe into the acting pond. She had a part in 2014 movie Hercules and hopes it is just the beginning of her big screen ambitions.

"I'm just starting out so I have very little experience but I love doing it," she said. "It's such fun. I'm aware, though, that I've got a lot still to learn if I want to go far. I'm really grateful to my fans - to all the people who support me."

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