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Irvine's fast food parties

Jeremy Irvine's dinner parties usually consist of microwave food.

The British actor spends a lot of time away from his London property, filming pictures such as his latest The Railway Man. When he is at home he enjoys spending time with his friends, but doesn't go all out to impress.

"I have a place in London but I've not been there for months as I'm away filming so much. When I am in town, my flatmate and I like to do the man version of a dinner party. We cook c**ppy junk food or whatever you can make in a microwave and call it a 'do'," he laughed to British magazine InStyle.

Although many actors from the UK chose to jet Stateside to launch their Hollywood career, that doesn't interest the star.

He enjoys being in America from time to time but doesn't feel as grounded there as he does when in his native country.

"I love my job but there are bits that come with it that confuse me," he explained. "That's why I'll always live in London. Although I spend a lot of time in LA, British people have a lovely sense of not making a fuss about stuff. Which, ultimately, is good for you."

Jeremy has been forced to get used to people being interested in his personal life since finding fame with flicks such as War Horse. He dated singer Ellie Goulding for a while but wouldn't comment on whether the experience put him off finding love with another celebrity. At the moment he's happy being single.

"I mean, really?" he laughed, when asked if he ever thinks about tying the knot. "It's hard to think about it because I'm away filming for months at a time. I don't know. Give me a break!"

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