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Jack Antonoff: Music is powerful

Jack Antonoff describes his work with Bleachers as going on a journey.

The American musician, who has enjoyed success with bands Steel Train, fun. and new group Bleachers, often writes tracks that are heartbreaking but feature a catchy riff.

For the 31-year-old, this is what his job is all about.

"That’s how I see music. It should be both. I think that the greatest songs make you cry in your bed if you want or dance with your friends if you want," he told Fault magazine. "It’s the same feeling. Being super emotionally attached to a song that you cry, or so excited by a song that you want to move. It’s the same thing. All my favourite songs do that. [Bruce] Springsteen does that too, it should exist everywhere."

Jack is currently dating Girls star Lena Dunham, and he's also worked with Lena's good friend Taylor Swift on a few songs on her new album 1989.

It's a wonder he has time for any work other than his own music, as playing with two bands keeps his schedule pretty packed.

"I think I’ve been touring for like 15 years now with different bands, so it was more like going on a journey that keeps shifting, changing and redefining what you do," he said of his work with Bleachers.

"It’s constantly about challenging yourself, taking what you know and making it vastly different. Somehow."

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