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Jack Antonoff’s ‘bizarre world’

Jack Antonoff has spoken about his new web-based docu-series Thank You and Sorry, which premiered on Google Play Tuesday.

The Bleachers rocker is currently promoting his new black-and-white web show Thank You and Sorry, a six-part docu-series that premiered on Google Play Tuesday.

Thank You and Sorry follows the Grammy Award-winning musician as he travels around performing concerts with his band, and Jack confesses filming the show was a strange experience for him.

“I love music documentaries so much, and being on tour and writing music and making music is so bizarre,” he told Collider. “It’s constantly blurring the line of what’s real and what’s not. You’re talking about the most intense parts of you and you’re sharing that, and you’re doing it over and over again. It’s a constant, weird crossing of lines, reality and performance. So, I wanted to do something that was more than a documentary, and spoke to those blurry lines.”

Jack celebrated his three-year relationship anniversary with actress Lena Dunham last April.

Although Thank You and Sorry features a few scripted scenes, Jack wanted to relay how touring authentically impacts his interpersonal affairs with loved ones.

“All the joy, all the tragedy, the anxiety and the depression is mixed with the excitement of making music and being alive and the attempt to connect that needs to exist in all of these places,” he said. “Even though those moments were scripted, those were the most intense or real things because they come from inside.

“I have issues with germs, so I wanted to put that out there. I have all of these issues with being away and with becoming too complicated and not being there for the ones I love, and have my girlfriend leave me because of that. So, when I say scripted, I mean that we were in a set situation, but there wasn’t much actually scripted. It was just a really intense expression of what I’m really concerned about, which is not being present for people and becoming a piece of sh*t because I’m trying to make it work.”

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