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Jack O'Connell: Don't argue with idiots

Unbroken star Jack O'Connell tries to stay out of trouble.

(Cover) - EN Showbiz - Actor Jack O'Connell won't ever get into an argument with an idiot.

The British star isn't afraid to speak his mind and shuns the role of polished Hollywood actor by staying true to his less than perfect past.

As a teenager Jack received a one-year young offender's referral order and had numerous court appearances due to alcohol and violence charges. But these days he prefers to stay out of trouble.

"You always encounter w**kers and sometimes they get the better of you," he told Britain's GQ magazine. "I heard this saying about arguing with idiots. It goes, ‘Never fight an idiot. You'll never win, because they bring you down to their level.’ So I'm trying my best not to be an idiot."

As well as not being an idiot, Jack is also carving out an impressive movie career. New flick Money Monster will hit screens in spring 2016, which sees the 25-year-old pitted against Hollywood heavyweight George Clooney.

Jack plays desperate Kyle, who has lost all of his family's money because of a bad Wall Street tip. He holds money guru Lee (Clooney) hostage in a bid to reclaim his cash.

"On all fronts, in terms of the events he goes to, the charities he represents, the humanitarian work that he does," Jack revealed of his time with George. "He set a good example for me. He's a good man. We had a good laugh."

Jack often speaks about his past and has previously admitted that the hurdles he has had to overcome have only fuelled the fire in his belly to become a success.

“Listen, I don’t think this job is easy for anyone but I don’t envy the people who it maybe has been easier for," he told Britain's The Sun newspaper. "I’m very grateful for all the arduous adversities that were in my path because that gives you a drive."

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