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Jack O'Connell talks terrifying upbringing

Jack O'Connell has opened up about physical abuse.

The actor had a Roman Catholic education but claims he was physically abused by the school's nuns. The 24-year-old, who will next be seen in the film Unbroken, is still affected by his experience.

"We were prodded, poked, hit around the head, hit with rulers, and we grew up thinking that being terrified was normal," he explained to Hunger magazine.

He went on to say that he had been left with an "over-exaggerated sense of guilt."

Jack stars as PoW Louis Zamperini in his latest film, which was directed by Angelina Jolie. The British actor found playing the plane crash survivor had given him some perspective on his own life.

"For those things to happen to me in 1994 is disgraceful but that kind of treatment has always existed, so I'm not going to feel too sorry for myself," he added.

Working with the Maleficent actress was a positive experience for Jack. Angelina gave him a better understanding of morals than the nuns at his school.

"Angelina seems to have got the hang of selflessness, and I came away from the film hoping to be able to get there one day," he added.

Jack first found fame on British TV series Skins, before starring as a troubled teenager in the film Starred Up. However, the rising star is keen to challenge himself and grow as an actor.

"I like to be versatile as an actor, that's the intention," he previously told Cover Media. "I have to consider these things I guess. I felt like [Unbroken] came at a good time, I'm very conscious of potential typecasting. In terms of whether it's harder; I don't find it hard for me, I wanna be mindful."

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