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Jack Osbourne says no to skull decor

Jack Osbourne was horrified when his parents decorated his home with skulls as a surprise.

The TV star and his fiancée Lisa Stelly are expecting their first child together and have been working hard to get their home ready for the new arrival.

Jack asked his mother and father Sharon and Ozzy to help with the preparations, but had no idea what they had in store.

He returned to his new place in California to find skulls and fake zombies covering the interior - mostly from Ozzy's old tour sets.

"When Jack saw what his parents had done, he boxed up most of the skulls and other weird stuff and sent it back to his folks with no hard feelings," a source laughed to National Enquirer.

"He told them he planned on having lots of baby parties, and thinks the 'skulls and bones' will scare kids - and adults as well!"

Ozzy and Sharon are renowned for loving gothic decorations. They showed of their home in their reality TV show The Osbournes and it was festooned with skulls, intricate furniture and dark motifs.

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