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Wednesday 27 August 2014

Jackson: Ready to bid bye to Fringe

Joshua Jackson says he's ready to say goodbye to Fringe

Joshua Jackson has revealed he is ready to say goodbye to hit sci-fi show Fringe after four years.

The Canadian actor plays paranormal consultant Peter Bishop in JJ Abrams' cult sci-fi show which is coming to an end with its fifth season.

Joshua told "I'm ready because the opportunity we have to properly finish our show is maybe the rarest thing that can happen, in the television world.

"The last two years, there has been a contingency plan to end the show, and we could have put a reasonably satisfying ending to any one of those seasons, but you still would have had to jam the ending in.

"Now, we have 13 hours to tell a whole ending to this story, and I couldn't be more excited about that. It's a gift for us, who make it, and it's a gift for the fans, hopefully, if we don't screw it up. It's the nice version of the story.

"It's just the opportunity for us to properly say goodbye to the people who have come on the journey with us. That's just beautiful."

But the former Dawson's Creek star admitted some fans will be sad about the end of the show, co-starring Anna Torv as FBI agent Olivia Dunham.

He said: "Not everybody is going to like the ending because it's an ending, and that's the way endings are, but everybody who has put in the time is going to have the opportunity to go with it through its entire life cycle.

"I'm hoping that not all the characters die, so there's a possibility that, even though the cameras stop rolling, those characters live on. There will be some hard feelings, I'm sure, at the end, but I'm still happy that we get to tell our end, for better or for worse."

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