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Jada: I don't need others' approval

Jada Pinkett Smith warns fans not to concern themselves with others' opinions.

The 42-year-old actress published a "letter to a friend" on her Facebook page Tuesday, in which she warned against following the herd.

"It saddens me to see you so miserable, but a lot of your misery, I believe, is connected to being so concerned with what everyone feels and thinks about you. So much so, every decision in your life is based on having the approval of others," she wrote.

Jada, who is known for posting similar thought provoking letters on social media, urged readers to question the norm.

The actress contended she's had to learn this lesson own her own.

"...I have learned that just because something has been done a certain way for a long time does not mean that it's thee appropriate approach for you. Conditions and traditions are great when they work. When they don't, I believe it's important to muster the strength to create the dynamics that specifically work for the experience we desire to create and is unique to our lives, and it almost never reflects what is 'accepted,'" she continued, asking, "Who said OUR decisions, OUR lives must look like anyone else's?

"Be your own opinion leader and let your approval, in regard to your own life, be enough."

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