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Jada Pinkett Smith: Be a love warrior

Jada Pinkett Smith has advised married couples to be "soldiers for love".

The 42-year-old actress has been married to Will Smith since 1997. They've fought their fair share of rumours about the state of their union, with Jada handing out some words of wisdom on how to keep relationships strong when you live in the limelight.

"Your partner has to be your best, best friend. And he's my best friend," she told Extra at FOX's Television Critics Association party.

"You have to have kind of a warrior mentality. You have to be a soldier for love."

Jada added that dealing with adversity is part and parcel of being in a long-term relationship. What's important is how you come together as a couple to help each other when things are difficult.

"You have to be able to withstand tough times and just because the tough times come doesn't mean it's time to stop… it means it's time to dig in," she said.

Will and Jada married on New Year's Eve and have gone on to have children Jaden, 16, and 13-year-old Willow together.

Although it's a few years off at the moment, they are already working out how to celebrate being married for two decades.

"We're going to be celebrating 20 years in two years, so we're starting to plan now for a big 20th year," she explained.

Jada is known for giving her opinions on relationships, often using her Facebook page to have her say. In February, she gave some stark advice to women who feel the need to snoop on their loved ones.

"...When you speak about going through his cell phone, following him or having your dude followed, it makes me wonder if you truly have an understanding of your value," Jada wrote in the piece titled "letter to a friend".

"In my opinion, the belief that we can police and manipulate someone into behaving and making us feel the love we believe we deserve, is an illusion. Your man has to decide on what kind of man he wants to be and then you can decide if he's the kind of man you want to build with."

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