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Jada talks ‘dark love’

Jada Pinkett Smith posted a “letter to a friend” on her Facebook page Sunday.

The actress penned a “letter to a friend”, a frequent title for personal messages on her Facebook page, and posted it on Sunday.

In it, she appeared to address a nagging feeling about a loved one’s toxic relationship.

“I want to apologize (sic),” Jada wrote. “Who am I to tell you what love is? I woke up this morning with the understanding that love, like life, could have a shadow...maybe there is such a thing as ‘dark love’. are right. I can't say he doesn't love you or you him, but it is excruciating to watch you drown in this ‘dark love’, full of abuse and addiction,” she continued.

The actress added that “many” have stood by this person and watched their “entanglement” for years.

But she appeared to be taking a step back as she described the “detrimental anxiety” she’s felt watching the relationship unfold.

“I have been told I'm not a friend if I don't continue to take care of you in this,” Jada added. “Maybe I haven't been a friend all along but an enabler. I won't abandon you, but I will no longer subject myself to experience this with you either. You have the right to experience whatever you please in this life...but so do I. I'm here when you are ready to choose an experience that won't kill us both. I love you,” she signed off.

Jada declined to offer further details about the ordeal, which had garnered tens of thousands of likes and shares at press time.

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