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Jada: Woman up

Jada Pinkett Smith wants women to stand united.

The 42-year-old actress and mother-of-two took to Facebook on Wednesday to address the “discontent” she sees standing between women.

In a lengthy post, Jada urged females to stop tearing each other down and instead build one another up.

“I have always had a deep love and fascination for the spirit and wisdom of woman, yet I have always felt robbed of my birthright to understand the deeper mysteries of womanhood blocked by the conditioned belief that we should spend more time protecting ourselves from one another instead of loving one another and learning about ourselves through the mirror we see in each other’s eyes,” Jada wrote.

The star explained she’s felt “saddened” by the negativity she’s observed.

Before signing off with the salutation “woman up”, she urged females to consider the differences they could make in the world if they stood united.

“It is my belief that only a woman can truly understand and have compassion for the struggles and burdens of another woman therefore, only she truly understands what woman must do to combat them,” she explained.

“This truth, in my opinion, is what makes friendships between women profoundly important and necessary not only for our sanity but in order to make progress in a world that still believes woman to be the ‘lesser’ sex. Who, but women, bound together by respect and consideration in arms with the spears of change in hand could uproot that deception?” she asked.

The post appeared to resonate with many of her six million Facebook followers, garnering thousands of likes, shares and comments within minutes.

Jada’s fans are meanwhile awaiting her return to the small screen. The former Hawthorne star announced last month she had landed a role in the upcoming Batman TV prequel, Gotham.

Jada will play a “sadistic villain” named Fish Mooney in the Fox pilot, written by The Mentalist’s Bruno Heller.

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