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Jade Jagger: Mick wanted a grandson

Jade Jagger's son was a welcome addition to her family as there are so many girls around.

The 43-year-old is the only child of the Rolling Stones legend and his first wife Bianca, though she has six half-siblings that Mick has also fathered.

Jade gave birth to son Ray with her husband Adrian Fillary last June, and she also has daughters Assisi, 22, and Amba, 18 from her previous relationship with Piers Jackson. Around the same time of Ray's arrival, Assisi also welcomed a daughter.

"The children call [Mick] Pappy and he's a big family man, so I don't think this is anything new for him. His family is just ever expanding," Jade laughed to British magazine Grazia. "I think my husband and dad were both very happy I had a baby boy - to get some testosterone in the family, because there are a lot of girls."

As well as relishing motherhood again, Jade also loves being a grandma. She doesn't know what she'll be referred to yet, but thinks either Nana or Jade will fit.

Despite all her maternal experience, Jade finds herself worrying more this time around.

"I think I'm more paranoid. When I was in my twenties, youth and ignorance were on my side and you don't have such a sense of morality. It's been great to start again, because I had a big gap where I had empty nest syndrome and I felt a bit lonely. Now my life is very full. Now I miss my peace and quiet," she smiled.

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