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Jaden Smith: I want to be huge movie star

Will Smith's son Jaden desires to become one of the biggest Hollywood celebrities in the future.

The father and son attended Will's Men in Black 3 movie premiere in New York City Wednesday.

Will has a formidable acting career and Extra reports that the star offered advice to his tot on how to replicate such success.

"Man, if you listen to everything that I tell you to do, I promise you, you'll be the second biggest movie star in the world," he told Jaden on the red carpet.

Jaden doesn't feel he needs to heed his father's advice.

"No, because I know I'm going to be the biggest movie star in the world!" the teenager declared.

Will was charmed by his son's retort.

"I like that. The little young lion, the cub, coming at the lion. You just clip his butt with the claw," he smiled.

Men in Black 3 will be released in theatres this weekend.

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