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Jaime King: Don’t judge mums!

Jaime King thinks there are “so many rules and regulations” as a mother.

The Sin City actress has 15-month-old son James Knight with husband Kyle Newman. The 35-year-old feels like parents have to make some tough decisions for their children, and they can be made even harder when outsiders stick their oar in.

“There is so much mummy judging and so many rules and regulations. ‘You have to breastfeed‘ or ‘If you formula feed, you’re bad,’” she said to The New Potato. “There are so many labels now of what you should or shouldn’t do and I think that is really harmful to mothers.”

The Hart of Dixie star loves nothing more than watching her little boy develop. But Jaime feels that women should stop being so hard on each other about their choices because every mother faces the same struggles.

“Birthing a child and caring for a child is already difficult in itself,” she explained. “Women think that what they’re going through on the inside isn’t supposed to exist anymore, but that’s just not true. We’re just women, doing the best that we can with what we know and what we have.”

The blonde beauty thinks the best way to deal with the hurdles that motherhood brings is to surround yourself with a strong support network. However, she doesn’t believe that extends to online forums.

“It doesn’t have to be other mothers. Don’t judge yourself if you aren’t taking your kid to a baby class every day and don’t judge yourself if you have a bunch of best friends who aren’t parents. Just find people that love and support you so that you can support yourself and your child,” she suggested. “[But] for God’s sake, don’t go on chats on the Internet and compare your parenting skills to someone else. Our lives are all so different from each other and all that matters is that you’re loving and caring for your child.”

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