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Jaime Pressly: I thought breast pain was normal

Jaime Pressly has opened up about undergoing a near full mastectomy.

The 37-year-old actress has seven-year-old son Dezi with her ex-partner DJ Eric Calvo and started to experience problems with the tot was a baby. Initially she didn't realise it was anything serious, but when she found some lumps around her breasts four years later she decided to get checked.

"I have a high threshold for pain – I was a dancer for 25 years. And when I had my son, I got mastitis but I didn't know. I just thought it was normal breast feeding pain," she explained on US TV show The Talk, then discussing her trip to the doctor.

"He took the scar tissue out of this and then six months later – because when you open it spreads – I had to go back and do this one… I still have some breast tissue left but [they had to do] almost a full mastectomy."

The star had no idea her initial pain would lead to such a major operation. She doesn't make light of what she went through, but feels lucky it wasn't anything more serious. Jaime also finds humour helps her get through the experience.

"From just the scar tissue – the mastitis because it mutated into something else, because it sat dormant for a while. It was the craziest thing. Thank God it wasn't [cancer]," she said.

"I think when we’re younger we want ‘em, and then you get older and you’re like, 'Can you just get rid of whatever extra you got, including hair?' Whatever’s easier."

One of Jaime's most famed roles is as Joy Turner in TV show My Name Is Earl, which ran between 2005 and 2009. The character was well-known for her long blonde locks, which is one of the reasons why the actress decided to go for a new style once it finished.

"Nobody wanted me to play something else. Everybody fell in love with Joy, thank God for me, but her hair was such a huge part of who that character was, and what people don’t realise is that was like 18,000 hair pieces," she explained.

"But because I had long hair in real life, everyone was keeping me in that place and it wasn’t even the fans as much as it was the people in our business who pigeonhole us."

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