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Jaimie Alexander: I almost died on a plane

Jaimie Alexander admits she gets “beaten up pretty bad” while filming her new TV show Blindspot.

The 31-year-old actress is quite the daredevil, as she was a wrestler in high school and is interested in a number of sporting activities.

But when the star travels for business or pleasure via air, Jaimie confesses she gets hit by a wave of irrational panic.

"I have a major fear of airplanes, which doesn't make sense because I love helicopters and gliders and everything, but I don't like commercial airlines," she told People magazine. "I was in an almost near plane crash in 2012."

Around the time she nearly lost her life in the air, Jaimie began dating Twilight actor Peter Facinelli, who she became engaged to in March 2015.

Jaimie has taken on a number of butt-kicking roles in the past in movies such as Thor: The Dark World, and her role on new TV show Blindspot is similar.

The actress portrays a Jane Doe who shows up in Times Square out of nowhere, with no recollection of who she is or why she has tattoos all over her body.

And although Jaimie does have a fear of commercial airplanes, in real life she feels very connected with fierce characters, as there isn’t much that shocks her.

"If you put a snake around me, I'll just pick it up and swing it around," Jaimie said, noting she is not opposed to doing her own stunts while filming scenes for Blindspot. "I get beaten up pretty bad, but you've just gotta go for it.”

Blindspot is slated to premiere on NBC network September 21.

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