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Jake Gyllenhaal gushes over Hugh

Jake Gyllenhaal is in awe of his Prisoners co-star Hugh Jackman.

The American actor stars opposite the Australian heartthrob in their latest film Prisoners. Hugh plays Keller Dover, a father whose lack of faith in a detective named Loki (Jake) drives him to search for his missing daughter and her friend alone.

As they were playing enemies in the film Jake enjoyed the "intensity" while shooting, but has nothing but praise for his co-star.

"That f**king guy is so nice. He's genuinely just a wonderful guy. I think there's actually a difference between good and nice, and I think he's a good person," he gushed about Hugh to website "We did a lot of improvisation in scenes. We had really intense, very hard scenes to do that, most of the time, we didn't like each other [in], and he was frustrated with me."

Jake turned to various books and videos while preparing for the part of Loki. The 32-year-old star believes his mental training made the difference to his performance.

"I love the idea of trying to move your physical self into a character that's being played. I think I just sort of threw myself into the world in terms of the research that I did and the books that I read and the detectives that I watched and the interrogations that I watched," he explained. "I watched a ton of interrogations... particularly videos that were very, very disturbing, and it kind of got me into a certain mindset. I don't think I was really thinking about the physical as much."

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