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Jake Gyllenhaal: I cook old school

Jake Gyllenhaal likes to cook things "Beastie Boys style".

The actor harbours a secret desire to make it as a professional chef.

If he hadn't made it as a Hollywood star, Jake would be chopping and cutting in a kitchen instead.

"If I wasn't acting I'd be a cook, or working on the line in a kitchen, which is actually a dream of mine, so I'd be doing that," Jake told BBC Radio One.

"I don't have anything I like to cook especially but I like to go down to the farmers' market and then cook with what's in season. I like to go back to the old school, Beastie Boys style with my cooking. It's all about the fresh produce!"

Jake is currently promoting his movie End of Watch in the UK. He's been enjoying his visit to London, and told how he bumped into his old friend British singer Lily Allen by chance yesterday. Jake joked that when he first knew Lily she was a teenager who hung around on the set of his 2005 movie Proof, as her mother Alison Owen was the film's producer.

"I ran into Lily Allen yesterday. Yes, she is a bit of a British icon. We were at a restaurant and she was there having lunch. She was going to see my movie End of Watch, coincidently, at the time of speaking. I've met her before, her mum produced the movie called Proof that I was in with Gwyneth Paltrow," Jake explained. "I knew her then, which was before she started singing. When I knew her then she was a teenager, and she's the same now!"

The actor explained what he is like as a friend. He always speaks his mind, which lands him in trouble occasionally. Jake joked that he likes to hang out with his non-famous friends so he gets all the limelight at dinner parties.

"I pride myself on being brutally honest, I always say something honest but the other person doesn't always like it. I'll then have to make up for it by sending flowers or something," Jake admitted.

"I do have a lot of actor pals, but actually most of my pals aren't. They are not a scary as me. I like to be the centre of attention at dinner parties [laughing]."

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