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Wednesday 16 April 2014

Jake Gyllenhaal ‘to set up home with Swift’

Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift are planning to move in together.

The two stars began spending time together earlier this year, and have been spotted on a string of dates. They were initially keen to keep their romance quiet, but are now so sure they are meant for each other they have met their prospective parents and feel ready to take the next step.

“Taylor is beaming and Jake has never been happier. They’re already dead set on moving in together and are talking about marriage, which is exciting for her because she has so many dreams about that fairytale ending,” a source explained. “Taylor is hoping he’ll pop the question. It could even be as early as next year.”

Jake split from actress Reese Witherspoon last year, while Taylor’s last serious boyfriend was actor Taylor Lautner. Neither star was expecting to find love so soon, which is what has made the romance even more special.

Friends of the pair are said to be delighted they are both so happy, although 29-year-old Jake’s pals were apparently initially concerned Taylor, 21, was too young for him. After seeing them together their fears have been allayed though, as they get on so well.

“This romance was just so unexpected,” a source told Look magazine. “Jake has fallen hard. He feels like she’s The One. People are telling them to slow down because Taylor’s so young, but she has been a star for years so she’s very mature.”

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