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Jake Gyllenhaal's not cool with uncouth label

Jake Gyllenhaal's dad taught him to scratch his back with a fork.

The 34-year-old actor is admired by many for his good looks and acting skills, with a reputation for being an all-around nice guy.

During an appearance on Jimmy Fallon's talk show the host whipped out a photo of the star taken by an American gossip magazine in which he's scratching his back with a fork. The picture caption describes the move as uncouth, but Jake doesn't get why.

"Yeah man [I scratch my back with a fork]. Why is that weird? 'Uncouth'. Let me tell you something, oh they determine what's couth and uncouth, come on. Are you kidding me? You take a picture behind my back then call me uncouth," he quipped with a grin on his face. "I mean yeah, that's what my dad does, that's what I was taught when I was a kid. I don't understand. I'm so tired of people being like... There's many uses of fork, it's not just used to eat with. You can pick other things up with it. And we're also worried about getting dirty and stuff, we're always using anti-bacterial stuff. I'm like, my back's clean, you know what I mean? It's fine. It's not even my back, it's my shirt."

Jimmy then presented his guest with a back scratcher disguised as a fork, which expands to reach the itch. Jake was thrilled with the gift and immediately scratched his beard with it before popping the fork into his mouth, much to the disgust of the audience.

He and Jimmy discussed his facial hair during their chat, with the host quizzing Jake on its purpose.

"I have a beard, but fear not, it is not a sadness beard... like I lost the election like Al Gore [who lost out to George W. Bush to become the US president in 2000]. It is just a regular beard. I want more attention. Look at me, actor, with beard! I'm a very serious actor so I have a beard... Yeah it is for a role," he laughed.

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