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Jake spills on first kiss

Jake Gyllenhaal jokes about how early his debut lip-lock was.

The 32-year-old actor spilled details on who he enjoyed his debut smooch with and joked that she wouldn’t mind him revealing her name publicly.

The funny star added that the peck took place not long ago.

"OK, I'll say it: my first kiss was with Emily Simon,” he told MTV News. “I'll say it. I'll say that right now. Well her name is Emily Simon. It was a very special moment so why wouldn't I [say it here]; it's respectful of both parties.

"I was, like, very young. I'm not gonna say the age, but I was like very young. I was 28 years old, man."

Meanwhile Jake told The Queen Latifah Show that he was extremely popular as a youngster.

The hunky screen star was eager to get away from the topic when speaking to the host Queen Latifah, seemingly being sarcastic when he said there is nothing fellow students found disgusting about him.

"Yes, I was incredibly popular in school," he jested. "All the time. Yes. End of conversation, yes. The most popular all the time.”

Acting throughout his time studying, Jake claimed that his classmates were awestruck by his talent.

Even he is pleased with how well he pulls off various jobs.

"Yes, everybody really enjoys me all the time. There is not one aspect of my personality that is abhorrent, everything I do is shiny, clean . . . it's amazing,” he commented. “I impress myself."

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