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James Franco: I transformed my attitude

James Franco decided to redefine his life after realising he had appeared in three back to back movies he hated.

The star has been promoting his latest release Oz the Great and Powerful recently and couldn't be prouder of the project. A few years ago he decided to focus on the things he loved, including films and his educational endeavours. It has completely altered his life and he wishes he'd done that a long time ago.

"A few years ago, I realised I had just done three movies that I hated, that even I didn't want to watch and thought, 'I don't want to do this anymore, it's not satisfying and I'm having horrible experiences.' I needed to change," he told Company magazine. "Then I figured, I have other interests, creative things I want to do. So why not pursue those? Once I did - maybe it was ironic, but I think it was my attitude - I had opportunities to work with Gus Van Sant on Milk and Danny Boyle on 127 Hours, and that that the biggest change in my career."

The star has gone on to take university degrees and is an accomplished poet. Looking back, the 34-year-old actor wishes he had put more importance on life experiences when he was growing up.

He worries he took everything too seriously and didn't spend enough time relaxing or having fun.

Now the star is looking to the future, which could include having children when he finds the right woman.

"Yeah," he said, when asked if he wants kids. "I have a great family and we were raised very well - and I love children. I teach now - my students are older - but that passing on of experience and knowledge, that's very satisfying. These are things that come with a family, so yeah, at some point I would love it."

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