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James Franco: I'm always napping

James Franco doesn't get much sleep because of his busy movie and theatre workload.

The Hollywood actor's busy work schedule means a good night's sleep is often not high on his agenda. However, he likes to squeeze in a nap whenever he can.

"I normally don't get more than four or five hours a night. But if I ever stop doing something for a few minutes, you'll usually find me dozing off for a half hour or so," James laughed to the US edition of OK! magazine.

As well as a successful movie career, James has recently fulfilled a long held ambition - to appear on stage in Of Mice and Men.

He started his career in theatre at a young age and jumped at the chance to head to Broadway for the first time.

"I've loved theatre since high school - I'd act in anything I was cast in. I was asked to do Of Mice and Men four years ago, but I had a lot of movies coming up. Then [producer] David Binder asked me to be part of his production - it was a second chance and you don't always get that. So I said, 'I'll do whatever it takes to make it work'," he revealed.

As well as receiving high praise for his portrayal of George in the classic tale, the 36-year-old hasn't let his movie commitments slip.

He'll be back on screen with close pal Seth Rogen in The Interview later this year, where the two friends play average Joes hired to kill North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Last year the buddies got even closer in a parody of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's video for the rapper's track Bound 2, which saw them hug passionately while riding a motorcycle.

"Seth probably makes me laugh more than anyone else, and he's a very gifted writer. I would do just about anything with him - and having done the Kim and Kanye video, I'd say we almost have," he smiled.

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