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James Marsden: Drink through a hangover!

James Marsden has opened up about his favourite alcoholic beverages.

The 40-year-old actor plays bartender Gordon in upcoming comedy movie Walk of Shame, which required him to learn some tricks behind a bar.

Asked about his own alcoholic drink of choice, James was happy to share his favourite concoctions.

"You know, it depends on how I feel but if I know it's gonna be a long night and I'm gonna be drinking for a long night with friends, I probably am going to be drinking beer. If I'm at dinner, I'll do red wine, and then if I want to have a good time quickly I'll go for a tequila and soda. And then at night time, when I'm ready for bed, I'll have a scotch neat. Apparently I'm a big drinker!” he laughed to Refinery29.

"For hangovers the best cure is to start drinking again, honestly. It's either that or whatever the closest fast food restaurant is. The grease just makes me feel better. But, I also find that a good Bloody Mary is also pretty good.”

Starring alongside James in the movie is Elizabeth Banks, who plays main character, and Gordon’s love interest, reporter Meghan. The movie follows her as she struggles to make it to the most important job interview of her life after being stranded in downtown L.A. after a one-night stand with no money, ID, car or phone.

James’ alter ego quickly falls head over heels for Meghan and while the actor hasn’t experienced that rush of feelings himself, he enjoyed portraying it.

"I don't know [if I’ve ever felt that]; I've never had a specific appearance but you're right - that attraction does happen really quick. But, I think the attraction that's initially there is enhanced by all this insanity. From a writer's perspective - the guy is an author - I can't imagine him not being drawn to the chaos a bit,” James explained.

“Sometimes we run into people like that in our lives, and it's a refreshing, liberating feeling because we spend so much time stressing about controlling our lives and then you meet somebody who comes in like a tornado. It sort of invigorates you. I can see that line of logic, I guess, in regards to [Gordon's] attraction to [Meghan].”

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