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James McAvoy: Being frugal is fab

James McAvoy would rather buy gifts for his loved ones than spoil himself.

The Scottish actor is unlikely to be short of cash, considering he has parts in films including the blockbuster X-Men franchise. Despite this, he's known for being conscious when it comes to spending and is more likely to bestow gifts upon his wife Anne-Marie Duff and four-year-old son Brendan.

"I really am thrifty," he grinned to the German edition of Glamour magazine. "When it comes to the people I love, I'm generous, but I don't need much.

"I spend money on groceries and pay my bills. Every now and again I'll allow myself a chocolate bar. I'm joking... But seriously: I'm careful with my money. I learnt that from my grandparents."

Alongside the huge X-Men films, 35-year-old James has worked on indie projects such as 2013's gritty drama Filth. He's not actively trying to avoid blockbusters, however.

"Actually, I'm always on the hunt for something new, a character I have never played before," he explained.

"Thanks to X-Men I have a certain amount of financial freedom. When I know I'll be making another blockbuster in a couple of years' time, I can afford to say yes to smaller projects with smaller budgets."

Acting wasn't James' original career choice; initially, the star wanted to be a missionary, so he could travel the world. However, he eventually realised he didn't have to become a Catholic priest to fulfil that dream.

But despite opting into showbiz, he keeps his private life out of the news.

"I take my job very seriously and if I start acting like an idiot off screen, I lose that respect," he reasoned. "If you don't approach this career with a certain ethic and discipline, you cheapen it."

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