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James McAvoy: I’m no heartthrob

James McAvoy is convinced most people find him "weird looking" rather than handsome.

The Scottish actor dismissed claims that he is considered a heartthrob.

The modest 33-year-old star thinks the public view him in a different light to other leading men in Hollywood.

"For every one person who thinks I might be alright looking, you know there are 20 more saying 'Why him? He's f**king weird looking. He's got a wonky face! He's so pasty!" James protested to the British edition of Marie Claire magazine. "I certainly don't feel like a heartthrob. I don't walk around going, 'Thank god I'm hot.'"

James has struggled to adapt to the usual Hollywood star's way of life. The award-winning actor detests the red carpet, preferring to visit a pub with loved ones. The father-of-one feels most content at home with his wife, actress Anne-Marie Duff, and their two-year-old son Brendan.

"[I'm happiest when it's] just us and I'm at home with the family," he continued.

James says shying away from the limelight has its benefits. These include being able to go incognito in public.

"When I'm not working and I'm with him [Brendan] in the park, I'm sure [other parents] feel sorry for me because they think I'm a weekend dad having my five minutes with him," James confessed.

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