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James McAvoy stunned by Statham

James McAvoy has praised Jason Statham for being the most "physically impressive actor" he's ever seen.

The 33-year-old Scottish star appears in Danny Boyle's new movie Trance.

James nearly killed himself during a stunt involving some risky moves he attempted without the correct safety equipment.

James joked that the only actor who can pull off such tricks on screen is action movie hero Jason.

"Jason Statham is amazing. He's the most physically impressive actor I've ever seen. He can do fighting on oil. Jason Statham fights on oil. He does it for real and he does it himself, he's the only western white guy who can do that. The guys from Hong Kong, they can do it," James told BBC Radio 1. "[Is he the new Jackie Chan?] Well almost!"

James stars as an art auctioneer who helps a band of crooks steal a masterpiece by Spanish painter Goya in Trance. The actor spoke about how thrilled he was to work with director Danny.

"It's a heist movie with elements of ménage a trois in it," James explained.

"I've never read a script I've been so surprised at before. It was really special. Danny is very brave, there's not a lot of people like him in the industry. Art is an unsafe business. Danny seems to be able to make it all OK."

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