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James Nesbitt’s Healthy horror

James Nesbitt let himself go while at college.

The Hobbit star has cleaned up his act now and made a name for himself both on the small and big screen. But as a student it was a different story and he let himself go a little bit.

"Healthy. Because I used to not be terribly healthy," he admitted to Empire magazine when asked what his nickname is.

"At university one morning, my mates were staying and we got up and I was wearing horrendous Y-fronts that my mum had got me, and I was smoking a cigarette and looking terrible. My mates looked at me and said, 'Alright, healthy?' and it stuck."

James, 49, was asked a series of questions, including how famous he thinks he is. He would rate himself a nine out of ten in his hometown of Coleraine in Northern Ireland, but in London, UK, he thinks he drops to a two.

Despite his relative modesty when it comes to fame he admits he's out of touch with supermarket prices and guessed a pint of milk costs 95p, when actually it's about half of that.

James and his estranged wife Sonia Forbes-Adam have two daughters, Peggy and Mary. He admits the little girls influence the films he watches.

"I've probably seen Mulan more than any other because that was one of my daughter's favourites and we probably saw that three times a day for six months," he sighed.

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