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James Van Der Beek: Airplanes make me cry

James Van Der Beek has revealed that he often gets emotional while travelling.

The Dawson's Creek actor, 35, recently took the Entertainment Weekly Pop Culture Personality Test where he revealed quirky details about himself.

He shared that he once used Rihanna's song Disturbia to get into character for a role and wishes he still had his Dukes of Hazzard lunch box.

But he says that he is more affected by what he watches when he is thousands of feet in the air.

"Something about airplanes," he said. "It always makes you cry. You could watch any bad movie on an airplane, and all of a sudden you're in tears."

"I don't know if it's that your mortality is right there or what. But yeah, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition on an airplane, and I'm trying to hide the tears because the flight attendant is coming down the aisle and I'm embarrassed that I'm crying."

The actor also shared what his geekiest possession is.

"My Teen Choice Awards surfboard that I don't know what to do with. Does that count?" he laughed. "It's in a storage facility somewhere. Even if I did surf, I couldn't surf on that, you know. What do I do with it?"

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