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James Van Der Beek: I'm fine being offended

James Van Der Beek says he doesn't mind the Dawson's Creek jokes on his new television show.

The 35-year-old actor plays himself in new sitcom Don't Trust the B---- in Apt. 23.

James is having a great time on set, as he enjoys the raucous humour.

"[This show is] the most fun I've ever had," the star gushed to Us Weekly magazine. "I said to the writers, 'Don't ever be afraid of offending me. Let's always go with what's funniest.' You get more laughs when you tell a self-deprecating joke."

Although there aren't a lot of pranks happening during the shoot, James often finds himself a victim of uncontrolled fits of laughter.

"No pranks. But there are times when I can't control my laughing, which is a new thing for me," James shared. "Sometimes I ruin takes."

James rarely sees his former Dawson's Creek co-stars Katie Holmes and Michelle Williams, but his bond with them remains solid.

"I run into a number of them from time to time," he shared. "It's like somebody you went to high school with. As the years go on, the spans of time between when you seen one another get longer and longer. But you always have that shared experience."

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