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Jamie Bell is glad he's not been typecast as a dancer

Jamie Bell thinks he was saved from being typecast because there are so few films about male dancers.

The actor had his big break at the tender age of 13, when he was cast as the lead role in Billy Elliot, about a young boy who is desperate to make it in ballet.

Since then he's portrayed a wide range of characters, thankfully never finding him pigeonholed in the male dancer role.

"Luckily, there aren't that many films about guy dancers, besides Magic Mike and Step Up," he laughed to Maxim magazine.

He's now hitting the big blockbusters with a part in Fantastic Four. Jamie will play Ben Grimm / The Thing, a huge hulking being with immense strength.

While it will no doubt win the 29-year-old yet more fans, he still doesn't feel comfortable in the limelight or at glitzy A-list events.

"I always think I'm just gonna stand in a corner by myself," he sighed.

The Brit, who hails from humble beginnings in the North East of England, has never felt particularly cut out for the glamour of Hollywood. That's why he's maintained a sense of his true self and will never change.

"I'm just a kid from Billingham who's found himself submerged in this crazy world. I've still got the Teesside accent, my sense of humour's the same as it always was. But I love it out here, especially when I'm talking to big studio executives and I call them 'mate'," he grinned in an interview with British newspaper The Telegraph.

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