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Jamie Bell is model father

Jamie Bell is keen to be a father figure to his new baby boy.

The star is married to American actress Evan Rachel Wood and together they have a son, who was born last month.

Growing up without a dad was hard on the British actor, and it's not something he's going to let happen to his own kid.

"I've always wanted a father figure and now I get the chance to be that to my own child," Jamie confessed to British In Style magazine.

"I feel it's important you don't think, 'I'm giving you what I couldn't have,' though, because then you're loving from a place of anger."

Jamie rose to fame in UK film Billy Elliot and met Evan on the set of Green Day's Wake Me Up When September Ends music video.

While the little family has settled down, many of Jamie's pals are yet to follow suit.

"My friends look at me like I'm speaking Dutch when I talk about babies," he admitted. "I'm the first one of everyone I know to get to this level."

Jamie and Evan aren't fans of living their lives under the glare of the world's media.

For the actor, the thought of having his personal life splashed across the headlines day after day is a frightening prospect.

"We hate that 'Hollywood lifestyle' stuff to be honest. We keep ourselves to ourselves," he said.

"No one is reading about my life when they get their groceries; it's not unfolding as you're drinking your coffee. That, to me, would be terrifying."

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